Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Enamel – Nutcracker Dreams 151 Review


Nykaa has come up with another range of Nail Enamels with their Nude collection. I picked up the shade Nutcracker Dreams for myself.

INR- 199


The bottle is square with a basic applicator. The shade is not printed on the bottle but stocked along barcode. I feel they should have printed the shade name,as the sticker will not last.


It’s a Nude color with pink hue,almost like the basic Nude lipstick. I clicked one picture with flashlight and one without flashlight to give you a better idea. 

With FlashLight 

Without Flashlight

I would say that the flashlight one gives a better representation of what the color actually looks like.


It is what it claims to be,a perfect matte finish.Its really smooth unlike many Nail polish. Dries really quick,which is something i am really happy about because I hate to wait. One more thing it does not give any smell,a chalky smell appears only when u smell directly from the bottle.

Value for Money

It is bit expensive but the Matte finish is worth it. I don’t regret buying this at all. If you love matte Nail polish ,you should go for it. 

These Nail Enamels are only available on Nykaa .  

Hope this helped. Feedback is welcomed.

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