Review: Maybelline 24Hr Colossal Kajal [New Aloe Vera Formula]

Maybelline Colossal Kajal 24 Hr Review

I absolutely love Maybelline Colossal range, specially kajal. They have launched various range of their Kajal.  Maybelline 12 Hr ,Maybelline Kohl Kajal, Maybelline kajal in Turquoise, Maybelline Super Black. This time they have launched which they claim to have 24 Hr Stay and I tried and tested it.

What Maybelline Claims?

  • It Last upto 24 Hours
  • Intense Black Formula
  • Water Proof
  • Smudge Proof
  • Vitamin C and E

Prices at 180 INR

Before I began, just want you to let you know that I have a lot of Maybelline kajal, one time I got duped into buying fake Maybelline kajal. So don’t ever buy Maybelline products from unverified sources. PS: My Maybelline Kajal Collection-

My Maybelline Kajal Collection


Coming back to this New Maybelline Kajal ,the packaging is similar to other Maybelline kajals ,Yellow Stick printed with black. Close with a sound of click. Kajal comes out by twisting. Remember to twist as much you need. Pulling out the whole stick will break it. Hopefully, this picture will you give you an idea of how long the stick is.

Maybelline Colossal kajal 24 Hour with Aloe Vera


One Difference it has from other kajal is definitely how smooth it feels while applying, I am guessing that’s because of the Aloe Vera. A natural ingredient surely makes things better. Apart from that it does give boldness and intensity. It is as black as it can get. Glides on on my waterline better than  my upper eyelid.

A Yes to Bold and Intense Claim of Maybelline


Bold And Intense


Action Proof

To put it through this test, I patted over the kajal. It does not came even a little bit. Next, I got more tough on it by rubbing it a little bit. It does not smudged on my eyes but my hands from which I was rubbing it got a little bit stained. A yes to Action Proof claim.

Action Proof


Water Proof

I splashed water on my eyes, it does not smudged. Next I tried to remove it with water soaked cloth. Stains came on my cloth but a big thumbs up to Maybelline that it does not smudges.

Water Proof

Does it stay For 24 Hrs?

Yes, but it does loses it’s intensity. The super Blackness fades away a little bit. So a both Yes/No to this claim.

Summing Up this Review


  • No Smudge
  • Water Proof
  • Contains AloeVera
  • Intense Black
  • Nice Packaging


  • Fades Away After 12 Hr(But stays in place)

That  was my review of Maybelline New Colossal Kajal. I hope You liked it. Do tell me if you have Maybelline Kajal.

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