Trying Out DIY: Choker



I thought I will start a new series. So I came across this idea that if I am not creative enough to do DIYs, I can test if the DIYs we see across internet actually works or how much work do they demand, what I use to make them and so on.

So Let’s Get Started, I want to start this with an easy one. So I am making a choker inspired by Ayushi Singh from Creations To Inspire DIY Choker Video.

What I Used:

  • Old Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Velcro from An Old Pouch
  • Decoration taken from A Bracelet

You can watch Ayushi’s Video for all the step as I have linked it. This one is really easy. I was going to make some more from the same jeans but unfortunately got a cut on my finger.



Does This DIY really works? Totally! Plus, its super easy and fun to do. Cut a jeans strip, paste the ends and put a decoration to get yourself a choker.

CYMERA_20170404_225120This is the end result. I hope you liked it. Thank You!

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