Review: BibaIndia.Com

I am a regular online shopper but I don’t usually shop directly from the brand’s site. But this time I did because the thing j wanted was only on their website. So  thought it would only be fair to share my experience.

Experience With Biba

 Biba is one of my favorite brand when it comes to ethnic. I have bought Biba Products earlier from Mantra. Loved the simplicity and quality.

The Website

They don’t have app,I am just so use to app but anyway their website is easily accessible. No problem there. 

Order & Delivery

Both COD and Netbanking is available. The order came next day which is really quick and thumbs up for it. 

The Product

It came as it was shown. I loved the color but unfortunately it had lining. My fault because it was already written in the description. 

(Also if you are wondering about the half done cartoon,yeah I am into art and stuff right now you can follow me on Facebook.)

So moving on I wanted to return it. Which I did…

Return,Refund And Replacement

Here comes the part which I don’t like,the return policy. You can get refund only if the Product is damaged. You have to email for refund. Otherwise you can have a replacement or a voucher worth your purchase. Also the time taken to pickup and replace is pretty long. I excepted quick stuff since the delivery was real fast. It took 4 days to pick up the Product. I am yet to receive my exchanged Product,5+ counting. I will update once I receive it. 

Will I Buy From the website Again?

No, I do like Biba but I don’t see any point of buying from their website because of the refund policy. 


Good Quality

Fast Delivery

Average Customer Service


Poor Refund Policy

I hope the review helped you !

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