Maybelline FashionBrow Cream Pencil Review + Before&After

Sorry for posting after such a long time but it’s student life and you know how it can be. But I am back and ready to review a new product! 

Now,I am not a Brow person. Usually just because I don’t realize how much change Brow can bring to your whole face ,so I guess I am changing to Brow person. Now coming to this product, it’s newly launched. Maybelline already had Duo Shaper for Shaping in their FashionBrow Range, now they have added Cream Pencil for Defining and Pomade Crayon for Sculpting which makes it a set. I am reviewing only the cream Pencil today.

Price: 175 INR


The Packaging of the Pencil is simple,the price and Ingredients details is written om the wrap in which it comes. Once,the wrap is removed it says “Maybelline” and Fashion Brow Cream Pencil” . The cap is easy to remove and put on. 

So all you have to do is outline the eyebrows as you desire them to be with the Pencil and fill it in. The texture is creamy as it’s name says,I like the way it glides on my eyebrows. It’s a dark brownish color which can probably work with every Indian Woman. 
Lasting Capacity

Maybelline says it’s last upto 12 hours but I can say it last for 24 hours if you are not sweating. It can take the heat for a good time too ,like for 12 hours. 

Does It Work?

Yes! Definitely, it does wonders for my eyebrows. They were out of shape(I have not threading for ages) ,it did a good job to make them look good and fill in.

Heres the after and before ,now I am not a Brow expert so don’t judge me if I haven’t shaped them perfectly + they were not thread. So bear with me.


 Simple Packaging

Last Really Long


Blends in perfectly

Pretty affordable for what it gives you


Really couldn’t find any.

Have you used it ? Liked it or not? Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Maybelline FashionBrow Cream Pencil Review + Before&After

      1. Hello! Your blog is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just moved to Kolkata and I was wondering where do you do your threading? I know there are a lot of shops, but is there any which you’d recommend? ๐Ÿ˜€

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